Dangerous habit

At twilight, a long-eared owl quarters a meadow in search of prey, its eyes and ears tuned to the slightest movement or sound. His mate has commandeered an old crow’s nest, high in a thorn tree. Exposed to the weather, she must sit tight to protect her young and wait for her partner to return with food. They specialise in hunting small mammals or birds and are no threat to a farmers' living. Unfortunately, their habit of nesting in old crows' nests can put them in mortal danger from the farmer's gun as shooting crows to safeguard lambs is a regular activity on most sheep farms. Crows are wary birds so one of the most effective ways of controlling their numbers is to destroy their nests. Luckily for the long-eared family on this farm, farmers in the Vale make sure that any crow’s nest is owl free.

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