Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Simon Reeve finishes his journey around the Tropic of Cancer in Hawaii, where he discovers that the paradise islands are the extinction capital of the world, with more species dying-out than anywhere else on the planet.

Several of Hawaii's beaches are also covered in plastic rubbish washed-up from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (a vast accumulation of the world's plastic debris floating in the Pacific Ocean).

Hawaii is the world's most isolated island-chain, and the only tropical region of the richest country on earth. But there are enormous quantities of plastic debris on many beaches, and the plastic is breaking-down into smaller and smaller fragments the size of sand granules, making it impossible to remove.

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PresenterSimon Reeve
DirectorJeremy Jeffs
ProducerJeremy Jeffs
Executive ProducerSam Bagnall
WriterSimon Reeve

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