Goldman Sachs

The bosses of America's most powerful bank, Goldman Sachs, have made their shareholders a great deal of money even in the teeth of a credit crisis and a global recession.

But the reputation of the company has been dragged through the mud, ever since the US financial regulator announced last month Goldman Sachs would be charged with fraud, a charge it denies. Does its tarnished reputation matter? The BBC's Matt Prodger reports from Wall Street.

Plus New York writer Daniel Greenberg has written a fable about bonuses.

Our regular workplace commentator Lucy Kellaway talks to Lesley Curwen about the novel she's written, 'In Office Hours' about how love develops between people who work together.

Finally, our Business of Sport commentator David Goldblatt says while Brazil may be booming in many different ways, some people wonder whether it is capable of staging huge international sporting events. Can it afford the mammoth cost, and transform its infrastructure to cope with a flood of foreign visitors?

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Mon 10 May 2010 01:40 GMT

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