Have you ever seen your city at 3am in the morning? Perhaps you often wander the streets in the early hours - you may be one of the millions who work when the sun has long since gone down. On this week's One Planet show, Mike considers how day and night are merging as we demand things right around the clock.

He meets up with author Leon Keitzman to discuss the impact of this 24-hour lifestyle - both on individuals physically, but also on society in general. Futuristic jet packs, chain smoking and manicures are among the issues that crop up.

We also hear from Delhi, where our reporter Rupa Jha goes for a midnight drive to see what's happening in her home city. She comes across worshippers, construction workers and joins in a night time feast. Plus, we go for a stroll around New York's Central Park after dark, and we track bats in London.

There's also the small matter of a giant oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. As attempts to minimise the environmental damage continue, we consider the political damage this will cause to President Obama's efforts to push through new bills on energy and climate change.

As ever, it's a packed show, so let us know what you think. You can email the team at oneplanet@bbc.com, or join us on our Facebook page, the link's below.

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