Lawrence Grech
"Pray for me". That's what 37 year old Lawrence Grech said to the Pope when he met him in April. Mr Grech is one of eight men who say they were sexually molested by Catholic priests at an orphanage in Malta. He tells Aasmah Mir about his experiences in the orphanage and meeting the Pope.

Karakul Hats in Afghanistan
The Karakul hat is traditionally worn by northern Afghans where the Karakul lambs are reared, but the farming methods are controversial and were banned under the Taliban. Now it's legal again, but the hats are not as popular because they're seen as expensive and old-fashioned. For Outlook, Harun Najafizada has been to the hatters' district of Kabul

Painting the Queen
London artist Rupert Alexander has just finished a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. At 35, he is the youngest artist to paint a British monarch in modern times. He talks to Aasmah about the particular problems of painting a national icon.

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