Stapler in the Jelly

The Office is a sitcom which broadcast between 2001 and 2003. Sales-rep Tim decides to play a practical joke on Gareth, his nemesis. Gareth’s annoyance is not taken seriously by boss David Brent.

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2 minutes


Role Contributor
David BrentRicky Gervais
GarethMackenzie Crook
TimMartin Freeman
DawnLucy Davis
RickyOliver Chris
JenniferStirling Gallacher
LeeJoel Beckett
MalcolmRobin Hooper
Joan the CleanerYvonne D'Alpra
Office workerBen Bradshaw
Office workerAngela Clerkin
Office workerJamie Deeks
Office workerJane Lucas
Office workerEwen Macintosh
Office workerEmma Louise Manton
ProducerMichael Forte
ProducerRicky Gervais
ProducerStephen Merchant

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