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It's early winter, and a great white shark has timed her arrival at the coast of South Africa to perfection as thousands of six month old cape fur seals venture into the deep water for the first time. Thanks to their energy-rich blubber, these seals make a perfect meal for most sharks, but most sharks can't cope with the cold temperatures of the these southern oceans. They are cold-blooded and lose body heat as their blood passes through their gills. The great white however, uses a special network of blood vessels to reabsorb its body heat, and because of this, it can raise it's body temperature 14 degrees higher than other sharks, giving it superior strength, speed and brain power. Sharks have an extraodinary power of smell, and can detect a single molecule of blood in a million molecules of water, so from two miles away, the shark can already smell the seal colony. From just 250 metres away her hearing is good enough to distinguish the sounds of the seals from the background surf and at at 25 metres her sight is good enough to make out surface objects only 15 centimetres across.

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