Charlie died recently following a long illness. The BBC World Service is currently repeating a series of programmes he recorded which look at the 'greatest hits' of world music. This programme was first broadcast in January 2009.

This week a personal selection of tracks some of which became actual chart hits and others which never made it beyond the realm of ‘world’ music despite being brilliant records. Utru Horas by Orchestra Baobab (pictured) held a special place in Charlie’s heart: it opened the door to the whole West-African music scene for him. Also from Senegal, Baaba Maal’s extraordinary voice shines through on the first CD which found favour in Europe. More music from West Africa follows with Jali Musa Jawara’s classic Haidara. A highly influential figure on the Congolese scene, guitarist Franco, contributes Liberte from the recently issued retrospective of his career called Francophonic.

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Mon 5 Apr 2010 02:32 GMT