Beetle bashing

Large rhinocerous beetles are a rare treat in the dry season, but near to the safari lodge where the ground is regularly watered, these delicacies can still be found in the soft earth. Once discovered though, the hard part begins. Before the mongoose can get at the nutritious insides of the beetle, they must first crack the exterior exoskeletons. It's a skill which takes some time to master, and while the adults are old hands at beetle bashing, the youngsters definitely need more practise.


Role Contributor
Camera OperatorRalph Bower
Camera OperatorMark MacEwen
Camera OperatorJohn Waters
Camera OperatorLuke Barnett
Camera AssistantHelen Johnson
ConsultantDr Michael Cant
NarratorDexter Fletcher
Production ManagerJanelle Backes
Production ManagerAnna McGill
ProducerColin Jackson
Executive ProducerWendy Darke
Assistant ProducerLouise Emerson
ComposerWill Slater

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