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Mongoose playground

Duration: 01:32

Life around the Uptown Lodge is a like a giant playground for the young mongoose pups. They love tunnels and a water drain cries out for exploration. The older pups are inquistive, but the youngest ones are not too sure and need some encouragement from the adults. At one month old the pups are beginning to enjoy their new found independence and explore whatever they can, from finding water at the end of a dripping pipe to digging up grubs and beetles. With so many pups and adults out in one party, the air is alive with the calls and chirrups that help keep the group together. But pups are easily distracted, and as the mob moves on, Mungo and Mara - the smallest ones - find themselves alone in the water drain. They call loudly to attract attention, and thankfully it attracts the right attention as the mob returns to help them out.

Available since: Thu 25 Feb 2010


Camera Operator
Ralph Bower
Camera Operator
Mark MacEwen
Camera Operator
John Waters
Camera Operator
Luke Barnett
Camera Assistant
Helen Johnson
Dr Michael Cant
Dexter Fletcher
Production Manager
Janelle Backes
Production Manager
Anna McGill
Colin Jackson
Executive Producer
Wendy Darke
Assistant Producer
Louise Emerson
Will Slater

This clip is from

Banded Brothers Episode 2

2/4 The once mighty mongoose mob have been forced to move den.

First broadcast: 28 Feb 2010

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