Tiny Mungo, one of the youngest pups of the group has become separated from the rest of his family yet again. He calls frantically. He succeeds in alerting one of the adults, and is collected and brought back to the safety of the group. Mungo has to get better at keeping up with the mob, for being lost is dangerous and he won't last long on his own. With all the pups in tow, the mob spends the enitre day foraging for food around their territory, returning to their den only for nightime. During their first few days out foraging, mongoose pups bond with one of the adults, who becomes their escort and mentor. But competition for an escort can be fierce and young pups sometimes fight each other to get attention. Mungo, as the smallest of the pups, is already at a disadvantage, and is bullied away from escorts by his older cousins. If he doesn't get an escort, his chances of survival are slim.


Role Contributor
Camera OperatorRalph Bower
Camera OperatorMark MacEwen
Camera OperatorJohn Waters
Camera OperatorLuke Barnett
Camera AssistantHelen Johnson
ConsultantDr Michael Cant
NarratorDexter Fletcher
Production ManagerJanelle Backes
Production ManagerAnna McGill
ProducerColin Jackson
Executive ProducerWendy Darke
Assistant ProducerLouise Emerson
ComposerWill Slater

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