Mongoose rivalry

The Banded Brothers prepare for a fight, as the rival Stripe family appears on the scene. Family clashes can be ferrocious and can result in serious injuries and even death, but if the banded brothers are to keep control of this part of their territory, they must show their strength. Squaring up for battle, and forming two distinct fronts, the two rival sides begin to fight, keeping the pups well away at the back of the squabble. As the battle rages, it looks like the Stripes might have the upper hand, but the Banded Brothers haven't given up just yet and launch a counter attack. In the end, the rivals are just too strong, and the Banded Brothers concede defeat. Choker, one of the older and more experienced Banded Brother males, seems to have a problem. He has injured his leg in the fight and is struggling to keep up with the group as they leave. This could spell real trouble for the family.

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