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In Brazil the internet is widely used and relied upon in all walks of life. In fact so much so, that its probably the most internet addicted country on the planet, as our technology correspondent, Mark Gregory, discovered in Rio.

The tension in the Iranian stand-off with the West, with America in the vanguard, builds relentlessly. We've aired the pro-sanction argument extensively on this programme so let's hear the anti-sanctions view from Abbas Edalat, Professor of Computer Science at Imperial College in London.

The case for paying your taxes if you're Icelandic. There's a lot anger in Iceland that tax-payers are paying much for the mistakes of Icelandic bankers. Gunnar Orn Olafsson is the head of investigations at the Icelandic tax-collection authority. How has Iceland changed since the good times stopped rolling?

Jenga is the popular game involving 54 blocks of wood, with which you build a tower. The inventor of game is Leslie Scott. She tells how she thought of it when she lived in Africa: "jenga" means "build" in Swahili.

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