Mongooses usually give birth overnight, and two weeks later than the rest of the group, Diva finally gives birth to her pups in the den. A few days later these little pups are introduced to the outside world, but they are strikingly smaller than their cousins which means they will have to fight every step of the way if they're to survive in this family. One of Diva's litter looks particularly weak, but it doesn't matter how old you are, in mongoose terms you're never too young to move home. It's not just because of potential danger that the mongoose will decide to move dens, it's a good way to prevent the build up of mites and ticks, and keeps them one step ahead of predators that may be drawn to the scent of the den. The new pups are just a few days old, with their eyes barely open and have to be carried. Their older cousins are able to keep up with the family under their own steam, until they encounter a metre high wall in their path. Eventually the adults carrying the younger pups look for an easier route. They keep in constant communication and with frantic calling keeping everyone together and safe. Some of the more adventurous pups even try climbing the wall themselves, but it's clear they've bitten off a bit more than they could chew, and they are resced by the adults.

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Camera OperatorRalph Bower
Camera OperatorMark MacEwen
Camera OperatorJohn Waters
Camera OperatorLuke Barnett
Camera AssistantHelen Johnson
ConsultantDr Michael Cant
NarratorDexter Fletcher
Production ManagerJanelle Backes
Production ManagerAnna McGill
ProducerColin Jackson
Executive ProducerWendy Darke
Assistant ProducerLouise Emerson
ComposerWill Slater

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