Episode 2

In Discovery this week, we meet gorillas, lemurs, African wild dogs and snow leopards - as Lynne Malcolm asks what is the point of zoos? Are zoos merely menageries for public entertainment? Or should they aim to be much more than that? In the second part of her series, Lynne visits the Bronx Zoo in New York city to find out if zoos can be powerful forces for conservation in a world where species are becoming extinct at a rate unprecedented since the dinosaurs died out. Bronx Zoo is run by the one of the world’s largest conservation organisations – the Wildlife Conservation Society. She talks to the designer of a recreation of Madagascar’s unique and threatened ecosystem and to scientists on how research and activities within the zoo can help save species in the wild.

The series is a co-production between BBC World Service and ABC Radio National.

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Sun 28 Feb 2010 13:32 GMT


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