Hippo safety

Jonathan Scott and John Stevens canoe in the hippo-filled waters of the Zambezi, keeping safe by making sure to give way to the hippos and allowing them to get to deep water when they want to. John knows of a canoe that lost the whole of its nose section when it was bitten off by a hippo. As they are very localised, he also knows certain of the bulls by sight and actually calls to them every time he approach, making them visibly relax. But it is not just the bulls that are dangerous. Bulls can inflict more damage on a canoe because they are so much bigger, but a cow is a bit more aggressive when she is trying to protect her calf. But the river is full of surprises. In places it is wide and then one finds tiny secretive little stretches, channels that add all of the character to the river and are where all the bird life occurs. There’s always new places to explore and new things to learn.

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