Deposing a leader

There is still trouble in the ranks with the chimps at Edinburgh Zoo - the rival to the throne, Kindia, is becoming bolder. Yet Qafsey, the dominant male, is trying to keep out of the fighting, leaving his mother Emma to fight for him. Qafsey climbs to the top of the climbing frame, while Kindia and his mates shout their definance from below. The displays and noise continue for longer than usual, as no one wants to back down. But while Emma continues to hold her ground, Qafsey runs away. Fighting breaks out as tensions flare, and when things begin to calm down it's clear Emma has been hurt in the disturbance. It looks like Qafsey is going down in status. Even his mother is no longer backing her son - a strong statement in the chimp hierarchy of the Zoo.

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3 minutes


Role Contributor
NarratorStuart McQuarrie
ParticipantBetsy Herrelko
ProducerJohn Capener

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