Albert Einstein, James Bond and the Vulcans - well one at least - are all hot topics on this week's show as Mike heads to the UK's Central Laser Facility to find out whether laser fusion is going to help us meet our future energy needs.

As One Planet Facebook member Mark Gibbs points out, talk of using laser fusion to generate power is nothing new. But projects in the US and Europe have increased optimism that a breakthrough is in the not-to-distant future. Let Dr Kate Lancaster explain to you the principles and potential of laser fusion.

Also in the show, our reporter Richard Hollingham heads to Canada to investigate the lure of lithium. This soft metal is in huge demand at the moment thanks to its use in rechargeable batteries.

Sticking with Canada, we also hear from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, where they've had a bit of a problem with warmer than usual weather. Throw in a bit of Australian politics and a new Chinese year, and it's a busy show. As ever, have a listen and let us know what you think. Remember the podcast has our new Three Commandments section, and you can always join the team on our Facebook page.

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