Britain's Sex Trade

A recent report by the British children's charity Barnardos has identified a worrying trend - the growth in networks of men seducing and then selling British girls for sex within the UK. Lucy Ash speaks to one young woman who was forced into prostitution when she was just thirteen. Although she is still in hiding from the gang who exploited her, she tells Lucy why she wants to make sure other girls don't face a similar fate.

Dr Gudush Jalloh

Dr Gudush Jalloh is the last qualified vet in private practice in Sierra Leone. Although there are a handful of government vets, employed by the Ministry of Agriculture, they mostly deal with technical data, so many people who have a sick cat, dog or goat go to Dr Gudush. He tells Outlook's Lucy Ash about his pioneering work with stray dogs in the country's capital, Freetown.

New York's First Hip Hop Cop

Derek Parker was New York's very first hip hop cop. Back in the 1990's, rap stars were massive and crime related to the whole scene was out of control. Huge stars like Tupac Shakur were shot dead. At the time Derek Parker was a detective with the New York Police Department. He tells Lucy Ash about his experiences.

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