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Village hunter

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Villagers in India know that night can be a dangerous time to leave out unprotected livestock. They round up their goats into thorn protected corrals every night to keep them safe from the local leopard. Though it's too dark for humans to see without artificial light, leopards can move through the pitch black quite happily. Using infra-red technology, David Attenborough watches on monitors from the 'safety' of a tent, with only a curtain for a door as the stealthy hunter searches through the village. The leopard comes right up to the curtain that separates it from Attenborough who sits only a few metres away. Then it continues and passes by all the huts and disappears once more into the dark.

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David Attenborough
Neil Lucas
Mike Salisbury
David Attenborough

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The Life of Mammals Meat Eaters

5/10 David Attenborough looks at carnivores, from arctic foxes to big cats.

First broadcast: 09 Jun 2008

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