Night Hunting

As night falls, a female leopard uses the darkness as her cover as she begins to hunt. Her concentration on the prey ahead is total, even a moth trying to drink moisture from her eye doesn't break her focus. But the ever vigilant impala are too alert and jump away in the nick of time as she approaches. Wildebeest calves are less vigilant and the night offers all the help she needs. In a flash, with relatively little effort, she quickly catches a young calf and stashes her prize up a nearby tree, as the stampeding herds will quickly attract the attention of lions and hyenas. Sure enough, a lioness finds her and starts to climb. Lions are too heavy and cumbersome to be good climbers, and she's soon distracted by activity elsewhere. The leopard's meal is safe.

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3 minutes


Role Contributor
NarratorJonathan Scott
ProducerMark Fletcher

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