India's Ambition

Why is China beating India in the race for economic growth? China has grabbed all the headlines because of its high growth rate of nearly nine per cent last year. The IMF predicts it will be ten per cent this year. India's government expects its growth for the current financial year to be between seven and eight per cent.

That's still very impressive, thanks to economic stimulus measures which helped India recover ground after the financial crisis hit its exports. Most western countries would love to be in that position. But it doesn't measure up to China.

So what is India doing to increase foreign investment and generate jobs? Lesley Curwen
talks to Anand Sharma, the Commerce and Industry Minister of India. He explains that India wants to be the third biggest economy in the world within twenty years.

And Professor Stefan Szymanksi of the Cass Business School talks about Europe's latest efforts to reduce the debts of football clubs.

Plus the BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones reports from Davos in Switzerland on the seductive allure of its rich man's club.

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