Omar Deghayes

Libyan-born British resident Omar Deghayes was held in Guantanamo Bay for six years after he was arrested as a terrorist suspect in Pakistan.

He says he was repeatedly tortured and beaten and lost the sight in one eye after an attack by a guard. In 2007 he was cleared of the charges against him and released. Since then, Omar has campaigned for the remaining Guantanamo detainees to be freed.

Along with other British prisoners, he is taking the UK government to court, seeking to establish its involvement in his ordeal. In response to Omar's allegations, the British Government says "the UK did not render, transfer, detain, mistreat or torture any of these individuals. Nor, as alleged did we enter into some sort of conspiracy or joint enterprise either with the US or with any other state to do so. These are very serious allegations which we deny."

Cinema Jenin

We report from Jenin on the West Bank on the renovation of the city's only cinema, which was closed twenty three years ago.

The project has been carried out by local professionals and young people from a nearby refugee camp, backed by the Palestinian Culture Ministry and the German government. The rebirth of the cinema matches the transformation of Jenin, which was badly damaged in 2002, when Israeli tanks bombarded parts of the city in response to a wave of suicide bombers from there.

For Outlook, Jon Donnison has to see the restoration work in progress.

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