Camera, lights… action!

Two female magnificent birds of paradise arrive in a tree. They can only be here for one reason: there's a male preparing his court ready to display. He drops seeds down into the display area and begins stripping moss from the overhanging branches. He wants to look his best, so he clears the way for shafts of sunlight to shine on to his display court. The stage seems set, but a distraction appears in the form of another male and a stand off begins. The females make the first move on this intruder, and surprisingly, charge him and drive him away. Finally, the courtmaker has the stage to himself and gives the most interested female all of his attention. He begins his performance, gently pulsing his feathers and puffing himself up to creating an emerald green heart shape breast shield to impress her and flashing small irridescent spots next to his eyes in an attempt to dazzle her.

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