Having devoted an entire programme to records made in 1928, this week Charlie reverses the numbers and plays tracks from 1982. It was the year when he discovered the riches of music beyond the confines of the Western musical tradition and among the most memorable songs from that voyage of discovery are the following six.

Orchestra Baobab is one of the most influential bands in African history and their Ken Dou Werente album of 1982, later re-released as Pirates Choice, has become a classic.

In Nigeria Segun Adewale was the rising star of the year whose energetic version Yoruba pop earned him the title Crown Prince of Juju.

Charlie is a fan of high-voiced singers and says that Samba Mapangala’s is for him ‘the’ voice which defines the year. Like Samba, Nyboma Mwan'dido was also born in Zaire and had a string of hits before recording Double Double with Les Kamale Dynamique.

Two Carribbean songs complete the programme: Lorraine by Explainer consistently figures in the Top Ten soca tracks of all time while Hot Hot Hot, Arrow’s first - and so far biggest - success, remains the best selling soca record.

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