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The Japanese alps were built by volcanoes many of which are still active. In a region called Hell's Valleys, snow monkeys have found the perfect winter resort: a thermal spa where the water is a bilssful 41 degrees centigrade. Everyone wants in, but primates being primates there are poolside politics. This is an exclusive members-only club and only the highest-ranking females and their infants are allowed in. Everyone obeys the top male who guards the pool and vets the entrants. Youngsters born of the right bloodline, don't know how privileged they are. Lower-ranking individuals are quite literally left out in the cold. Japanese macaquee society is very divided. There are those that have and those that have not and that's a harsh division here, where the 60 degrees that separate the steaming water from the freezing surroundings can mean the difference between life and death.

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NarratorDavid Attenborough
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