Catch up: 04 December

Amira comforts an upset Zainab as Masood walks in on crutches, foot in plaster and clearly in a lot of pain. Zainab is concerned that Masood could be prosecuted. He is a nervous wreck, worrying about Rachel, maybe losing his license, writing off Archie’s car, losing his postman job, paying Amira’s rent.

Max goes to see Rachel, unconscious in a hospital bed, with the unsigned cheque in his hand.

Max tells Tanya that Rachel is not in a good way, but she can’t understand why Rachel was around in the first place. Max makes excuses and Tanya seems to buy it.

The police come to question Masood about the night of his accident. Amira interjects and encourages him to tell the police about “the kid that you swerved to avoid”. He tells the officers that there was a kid on a moped, swerving in the road with no light or helmet. He sheepishly agrees with Amira that he might have killed the kid if he hadn’t reacted so quickly. Masood is clearly very uncomfortable with this.

The police leave, saying it’s unlikely they’ll ever find the kid on the moped, and without him there’s nothing they can do. Amira defends her lie about the moped saying she doesn’t want another father in prison. Masood and Syed are uneasy.

Max tells Tanya that he has heard from the hospital and the tear in Rachel’s spleen has haemorrhaged. She has been taken for emergency surgery but may not survive.

Masood is inconsolable as he ponders everything that has happened. Zainab comforts him, but he is still disgusted that he lied to the police and almost killed someone. They still don’t know the seriousness of Rachel’s injuries.

Syed goes to Christian and tells him that Christian forced him into saying “I love you”, and that now he is being punished with his dad’s accident. Syed is shaken and determined. He tells Christian that they are finished; it has to stop. Christian implores Syed that he can’t deny what they have between them, but Syed says he is a good Muslim, and “good Muslims don’t do what we do”.

Meanwhile, Janine tells Archie that she has heard that Phil suddenly has money, and is going to pay the loan sharks off. Janine thinks they are stuffed and Archie suspects Ian, asserting that they have to get Ian to sell them Phil’s debt.

Archie goes to see Ian, charming him with whisky but Ian can see Archie wants something. Archie quizzes Ian about his part in helping out Phil and offers him a bit of ‘friendly advice’ that Phil will take him for a mug again. Ian fills Archie in on his contract to take the Vic if Phil doesn’t pay up. Upon hearing this, Archie asks to buy the debt from Ian, at any price. Ian resists, saying he won’t do anything to hurt Ben. Archie keeps his cool, but is incensed.

Later, Ian spends another evening getting hammered in the Vic. Peter tries to get Ian to go home. Ian is adamant however, saying he is free and can do whatever he wants. He is an embarrassment, and Peter gives up. Ian’s happy mood quickly vanishes as he becomes despondent; he and the kids are a mess without Jane. Archie and Janine examine the inebriated Ian in the Vic, and Janine assures Archie that they can find a new angle to work on Ian, telling him, “don’t worry, you leave Ian to me.”

Earlier on, Lauren tells Peter that she is going out with her girlfriends at the weekend and he informs her that it is his birthday that week. She has completely forgotten, but vows to make it up to him. He milks it for all it is worth.

Lauren later speaks to Whitney about the trial, saying she can’t stop thinking about it, even forgetting Peter’s birthday. She tries to offer support to Whitney but she is having none of it and snaps, telling Lauren to leave her alone.

Whitney makes a phone call to the prison to arrange a visit with Tony. Ryan finds her crying in the square. She is upset that nobody will let her see Tony and Ryan tries to reason with her, but she tells him he is just like everyone else and storms off.

Ryan goes to see Bianca and Ricky to tell them how upset Whitney is. Things become heated as Bianca thinks he is sticking his nose in, telling him that she knows Whitney is coping just fine. Ryan tells her she doesn’t know how Whitney is feeling, and as Ricky tries to throw him out, he tells Bianca that Whitney clearly isn’t coping, because she is trying to go and see Tony. Bianca is furious, and confronts Whitney about her secret attempts to contact Tony. She tries desperately to reason with her, but to no avail. Whitney is determined to see him.

Bianca tries to reason with Whitney, telling her that the suicide was just an attempt to mess with her head and manipulate her for his own benefit, but Whitney won’t accept this.
As Whitney storms out and makes her way across the square, a man pursues her calling her name and claiming to be a mate. He hands her a bag telling her Tony asked him to give it to her. It contains a mobile phone, which she turns on to find an incoming text messaging reading “I can’t stop thinking about you. T x”.

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