Charlie starts the programme with traditional music from South Korea for the komun'go, a seven-string zither the history of which is said to stretch back over a millennium. Vocal virtuosity from another string instrumentalist follows: charismatic bluesman Lead Belly – who died 60 years ago this month - was usually heard accompanying himself on a 12-string guitar. But not in this programme.

There is a whole gamut of musical collaborators on Trilok Gurtu’s latest album but on the track which Charlie chooses he is joined only by violinist Carlo Cantini and sarangi player Dilshad Khan. Cue another trio, this time from Poland: Kroke (pictured below by Jacek Dyląg).

Bulgaria is the key source of inspiration for the musician who calls himself Kottarashky while Gambia-born Basiru Suso’s latest album is suffused in gentle melancholy, perhaps influenced by his adopted home country of Denmark.

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Mon 14 Dec 2009 03:32 GMT