Obama's going to Copenhagen! The announcement came shortly after the One Planet team had finally decided that it too would make an appearance at the upcoming UN climate change summit - a coincidence, perhaps.

Mike was in America when the news broke, on the latest stop of our One Planet Listener Tour. For this week's show, he takes a road trip from the UN's headquarters in Manhattan, New York City, up through the state of New York, towards the Canadian border on Route 81. The trip ends in the small rural town of Copenhagen.

Yes, Copenhagen, New York. No, not Copenhagen the capital of Denmark. We do make the occasional mistake on One Planet, but this was intentional.

Ultimately, Copenhagen (that's the rural town in America) is just an appropriate end point for the trip - it's the journey that matters. Along Route 81, Mike stops off to meet plenty of people and discusses everything from how to revolutionise the digital world; which gas hungry cars are going cheap, and why some people just want to help.

Many thanks to everyone who gave five minutes of their time to met up with Mike for a coffee during his journey - in particular, thanks to listeners Doug and Debra who waved him off from Manhattan.

As ever have a listen and let us know what you think. You can email the team at oneplanet@bbc.com or join in the conversation on our Facebook page, the link's below. Next week One Planet will not be in its usual time slot, instead we'll be holding a special one hour debate on the eve of the UN gathering. You'll be able to hear that on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December. Do join us.

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