Australia is the latest stop for Mike and the One Planet Listener Tour. The world's largest island offers an interesting contradiction when it comes to the environment. It's at the front line of climate change with vast areas ravaged by drought. Yet Australia is also one of the heaviest emitters of greenhouse gases per capita - the mining industry underpins the economy.

In this week's show Mike heads to the coal port at Newcastle, New South Wales, to consider a nation's dilemma when its biggest industries provide wealth and jobs, but stand accused of significantly harming the world's environment.

He also meets up with Australian environmental icon Tim Flannery, and chats with environment minister Peter Garrett - a man who was a rock star eco activist, but is now in suit and tie charged with protecting the nation's unique flora and fauna. Oh, and he's also got to solve that tricky dilemma we've just mentioned.

Most importantly, Mike sits down with some of you - our beloved One Planet listeners. In a bar overlooking Sydney harbour you tell us your thoughts on it all - the coal mining, the water shortages, the political squabbles. Lots of interesting talk, helped along by some fine wine (Australian, of course).

As ever, do tune in or download the podcast, and then let us know what you think. You can always email the team at oneplanet@bbc.com, or join in the conversation on our Facebook page - the link's below. Next stop central Scotland, where it's time Mike atoned for some of his recent carbon sins. Give that man a spade.

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