1989: How the Wall Fell

The fall of the Berlin Wall made revolution look easy. But behind the scenes, people power and the sudden end of Cold War certainties posed all kinds of political and security challenges.

In a special discussion programme, Sir John Tusa discovers what happened with key insiders from the British, German, US, Soviet and other governments.

Among those taking part are:

• Horst Teltschik, Helmut Kohl’s right-hand-man who rushed back with him to Berlin from a visit to Poland

• Andrei Grachev, adviser to Mikhail Gorbachev

• Jack Matlock, then US Ambassador in Moscow

• Miklos Nemeth, who as Prime Minister of Hungary made key decisions that began to weaken the Iron Curtain before the Berlin Wall fell

All were at the forefront and had real influence as the revolutions erupted, Germany rushed towards reunification amidst widespread international angst, and everyone wondered whether Gorbachev would survive the apparent collapse of Soviet power.

They reveal the inside story of those momentous weeks.

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