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  1. Death of Stalin

    It was 57 years ago this week that the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin died.

    First broadcast: 04 Mar 2010

  2. Scott of the Antarctic

    Why a failed explorer became a national hero - the diaries of Captain Scott.

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2010

  3. Dot Com Bubble

    During the dot com boom Stephan Paternot made millions of dollars, then he lost them.

    First broadcast: 02 Mar 2010

  4. Playboy Club

    Fifty years ago the first Playboy Club opened in Chicago - with bunnies.

    First broadcast: 01 Mar 2010

  5. Siege of Wounded Knee

    In 1973 Native American Indians began a standoff against the US army at Wounded Knee

    First broadcast: 26 Feb 2010

  6. Attempted coup in Spain

    In 1981 Spain had been a democracy for just 5 years, now parliament is under attack.

    First broadcast: 25 Feb 2010

  7. Yalta

    The Yalta conference decided the shape of post-war Europe. Hugh Lunghi was there.

    First broadcast: 24 Feb 2010

  8. Women's Liberation Movement Begins

    Modern British feminism began in 1970 when 500 women met for a debate in Oxford

    First broadcast: 23 Feb 2010

    Image for Women's Liberation Movement Begins
  9. Miracle on Ice

    When the US hockey team met their Russian rivals at the 1980 Olympics, tensions were high.

    First broadcast: 22 Feb 2010

  10. Japanese Internment

    During WW2 the US government decided to put many of its Japanese citizens into camps.

    First broadcast: 19 Feb 2010

  11. Jamaican Bobsled Team

    At the 1988 Winter Olympics Jamaica fielded its first ever bobsled team.

    First broadcast: 18 Feb 2010

  12. Zimbabwe Referendum

    Ten years ago Zimbabweans thought a vote against President Mugabe was a new beginning.

    First broadcast: 17 Feb 2010

  13. Bombing of Dresden

    Witness hears from a survivor of the firebombing of Dresden.

    First broadcast: 16 Feb 2010

  14. Salman Rushdie's Fatwa

    Salman Rushdie's novel Satanic Verses enraged Muslims around the world.

    First broadcast: 15 Feb 2010

  15. Charlie Wilson

    Former US Congressman Charlie Wilson, who has just died, left his mark on Afghanistan.

    First broadcast: 12 Feb 2010

  16. Surviving Robben Island

    Ahmed Kathrada's time in prison alongside Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, South Africa

    First broadcast: 11 Feb 2010

  17. The Rivonia Trial

    In 1964, Nelson Mandela was put on trial for treason with seven other ANC activists

    First broadcast: 10 Feb 2010

  18. McCarthyism

    The McCarthy era in the US marked a low point in anti-communist paranoia and witch hunts.

    First broadcast: 09 Feb 2010

    Image for McCarthyism
  19. Cambridge Spies

    The Cold War came to life in Britain when two spies went public in Moscow in 1956.

    First broadcast: 08 Feb 2010

  20. Northern Ireland Hunger Strikes

    In 1981 Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland staged a series of hunger strikes.

    First broadcast: 05 Feb 2010

  21. Facebook

    It's exactly six years since the birth of Facebook - now it has 350 million users.

    First broadcast: 04 Feb 2010

    Image for Facebook
  22. The Wind of Change

    It's 50 years since Harold Macmillan spoke of a wind of change blowing through Africa.

    First broadcast: 03 Feb 2010

  23. Rationing in Britain

    In the early 1950s Britain was still so badly-off that food and fuel had to be rationed.

    First broadcast: 02 Feb 2010

  24. Palestine Post

    In the months before the creation of Israel -Jerusalem was a dangerous place to be.

    First broadcast: 01 Feb 2010

  25. Gandhi

    The assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

    First broadcast: 29 Jan 2010

  26. Meeting Osama

    What is Osama bin Laden really like? Witness talks to someone who knows.

    First broadcast: 28 Jan 2010

  27. Hitler's Book

    The story of a young American soldier and the book he found in Hitler's house.

    First broadcast: 27 Jan 2010

  28. Somalia 1991

    What was it like living in Mogadishu at the height of Somalia's civil war?

    First broadcast: 26 Jan 2010

  29. Idi Amin

    In 1971 the notorious Ugandan dictator Idi Amin took power. It was a day of great joy.

    First broadcast: 25 Jan 2010

  30. Witness

    Queen Victoria died exactly 109 years ago today - we hear from her shocked subjects.

    First broadcast: 22 Jan 2010

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