Dragon's teeth

The Komodo dragon is still the undisputed top land predator, usually hunting prey as large as deer which they overpower with ease. But in hard times the dragons turn their attention to prey that's normally out of their league - water buffalo. The buffalo doesn't seem too worried about the dragon's presence, the bites inflicted are just flesh wounds. The blood attracts more dragons, yet even with this onslaught, the buffalo gets away with just a limp to show for the attack. But the something odd happens. The dragons begin to follow the buffalo around and over the next few days their hunting method becomes clear. Recent discoveries have proved that the Komodo dragon's bite contains venom, and it isn't just the toxic bacteria in their saliva that causes a long, slow death. The buffalo gets weaker and weaker as the weeks go by, and the dragons wait close by, biding their time and conserving their energy. When their prey at last dies, they strip it to the bone in just 4 hours. These dragons are the biggest venomous animals on the planet.

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5 minutes


Role Contributor
NarratorDavid Attenborough
ProducerMartha Holmes
Executive ProducerMichael Gunton

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