Rhino release

Mark and Stephen came in search of northern white rhino, but they were too late. Thankfully, lessons have been learned from the extinction that might mean the black rhino will not be allowed to dwindle into extinction. A relocation project for some of the remaining individuals is underway in Kenya. Rhino from Nairobi National Park are released into a 90,000 hectare conservancy, and although the area is fenced and protected, it's the closest the rhinos can get to a wild existence. Radio transmitters fitted into the relocated rhinos' horns allow the rangers to track the rhinos more easily in the vast conservancy. They may not be seen for months at a time as they get on with living and breeding as they have for millions of years. Stephen comments that we may not be able to call these animals truly wild, but they're wildish, and if the choice is between wildish and extinct, he knows which he'd choose.

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