Rhino relocation

With the numbers of black rhino at a critical level, it is vital to ensure the safety of those that are left. An operation to relocate some animals from Nairobi National Park takes place with the help of some brute force from Mark and Stephen. The rhino has to be darted repeatedly while a team of people gets busy checking it over, fitting a transmitter into a hole drilled into its horn and readying it for loading. Stephen Fry finds the activity surrounding the rhino quite moving, and reckons all the positive human attention makes up for some of the negative attention that has put these animals at risk. Black rhinos are famously bad-tempered and when this one is given the antidote injection they have to move fast to get him in the truck.

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5 minutes


Role Contributor
Key talentStephen Fry
Key talentMark Carwardine
DirectorTim Green
ProducerTim Green
Executive ProducerSam Organ
Executive ProducerAndre Singer

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