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  1. The Forum in Beijing

    Do the internet and social media empower the Chinese individual or the state?

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2013

  2. Job Satisfaction

    What does the notion of job satisfaction mean to you?

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2013

  3. Fear

    How do humans and animals cope with one of the strongest emotions: fear

    First broadcast: 20 Oct 2013

  4. Whistle-blowers and Rumour-mongers

    Who should we believe is telling the truth and why?

    First broadcast: 13 Oct 2013

  5. Measuring Impact

    Are we too obsessed with metrics and are we measuring the right values?

    First broadcast: 06 Oct 2013

  6. The Air You Breathe

    Could your ‘breath print’ be a marker as unique to you as your finger print?

    First broadcast: 29 Sep 2013

  7. Tracking

    With smarter technology monitoring our behaviour how far should we compromise privacy?

    First broadcast: 22 Sep 2013

  8. The Future of Renewable Energy

    How do we develop a practical, reliable and cheap supply of renewable energy?

    First broadcast: 15 Sep 2013

  9. Violence

    How much is violence a choice, and how much a natural human instinct?

    First broadcast: 08 Sep 2013

  10. Letting Go

    Can letting go of places, people, ideas and traditions bring big rewards?

    First broadcast: 01 Sep 2013

  11. Precision Medicine @ Aspen Ideas Festival

    With Margaret Hamburg, Thomas Frieden and Anthony Coles.

    First broadcast: 25 Aug 2013

  12. Inner Speech

    Talking to yourself – is it a good thing?

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2013

  13. Sharing Prosperity and Power

    All about sharing - wealth, power, responsibility and ideas

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2013

  14. Negotiating Space

    How an understanding of space around us is crucial to learn who and what we are

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2013

  15. Shining a Light on Crystals

    Crystals are found growing naturally all over the world, so why are we creating new ones?

    First broadcast: 28 Jul 2013

  16. Survival at Sea

    If by accident you are thrown into icy waters, what can help your chances of survival?

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2013

  17. Can Artists Make the World a Better Place?

    Can putting art in unusual places help improve our world?

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2013

  18. Peering into Space at Aspen Ideas Festival

    Cutting-edge space science, including asteroids, dark matter and how to detect tiny units

    First broadcast: 06 Jul 2013

  19. What Makes Your Adrenaline Flow?

    Are high-altitude climbers and multiple marathon runners adrenaline junkies?

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2013

  20. Dust and Ash

    How dust helps to keep the planet cooler and nourishes the Amazon rainforest

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2013

  21. Globalisation: is it changing the way we think?

    What impact is globalisation having on our sense of personal and national identity?

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2013

  22. Fragility in Nature

    Materials, relationships, ecosystems - what makes them resistant - or prone to failure?

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2013

  23. Curiosity

    Curiosity has always been with us but how important is it to science and to society?

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2013

  24. Why Do We Tell Stories?

    Why do stories have similar narratives over and over again?

    First broadcast: 26 May 2013

  25. Does Finance Have to be Invisible?

    What would it take to fix the underlying flaws in our banking system?

    First broadcast: 19 May 2013

  26. The Art of Political Decision Making

    Political decisions are hard to make. What strategies can be used to take decisive action?

    First broadcast: 12 May 2013

  27. Silence

    From communication and contemplation to obedience and shame, we explore silence

    First broadcast: 05 May 2013

  28. Us and Them

    Why divide ourselves into two camps - is what separates us stronger than what unites us?

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2013

  29. The Mysterious Kingdom of Fungi

    The surprising tough and ecological building substance that could reshape our world

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2013

  30. Progress: Are we Making Any?

    Advances suggest that things can only get better for the majority of people. Is it true?

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2013

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