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  1. 26/04/2014

    Prominent international thinkers debating big ideas.

    First broadcast: 26 Apr 2014

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  2. Solitude

    When being alone is a blessing and when it is a blight.

    First broadcast: 19 Apr 2014

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  3. Uncharted

    How close are we to mapping all the land, the seas and the clouds in the sky?

    First broadcast: 12 Apr 2014

  4. Counterfeiting

    Fakes, forgeries and copies – how different are they?

    First broadcast: 06 Apr 2014

  5. Spontaneity

    Can you train to be spontaneous? And if so, should you?

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2014

  6. Social mobility: are we too complacent?

    New research shows that moving up or down in society can still take hundreds of years.

    First broadcast: 22 Mar 2014

  7. Reflecting on Love, Laughter and Friendship

    A special programme from the London School of Economics Literary Festival 2014

    First broadcast: 15 Mar 2014

  8. The Power of Expectation

    Can our expectations affect the outcome of what we do?

    First broadcast: 01 Mar 2014

  9. Reality

    What is the nature of reality and are there ways of gaining a new perspective of it?

    First broadcast: 22 Feb 2014

  10. Revolutionary Freedom

    When dictatorships are overthrown, how should societies rebuild themselves?

    First broadcast: 15 Feb 2014

  11. Vanity

    Trillions of dollars are spent on vanity megaprojects: is there no limit to human vanity?

    First broadcast: 08 Feb 2014

  12. Traps

    Catching neutrinos, unsuspecting gamers and pictures of elusive mammals

    First broadcast: 01 Feb 2014

  13. Modern Alchemy

    Transforming waste into valuable products

    First broadcast: 25 Jan 2014

  14. Scarcity

    How does scarcity affect our behaviour and thinking?

    First broadcast: 18 Jan 2014

  15. The Developing Child

    What goes on in the brain of a baby and how does it develop?

    First broadcast: 11 Jan 2014

  16. Twins and Doubles

    Do twins really see the world differently from the rest of us?

    First broadcast: 04 Jan 2014

  17. Hands

    Do our hands mark us out as human? Plus hand transplants and hands that make music

    First broadcast: 28 Dec 2013

  18. Gifts and Giving

    What are the hidden messages behind the act of giving or receiving a gift?

    First broadcast: 21 Dec 2013

  19. A Rainbow Nation, a Rainbow World?

    The past and future of race relations in South Africa and beyond

    First broadcast: 14 Dec 2013

  20. Rwanda: Africa’s Agricultural Success Story?

    How do we manage resources of food and water to make sure there is enough to go round?

    First broadcast: 07 Dec 2013

  21. Making it Big in Hong Kong: A Matter of Good Fortune?

    A debate from Hong Kong's Fringe club about Asian economic success, luck and creativity

    First broadcast: 23 Nov 2013

  22. Hong Kong: A Blueprint for all China?

    A lively debate from Hong Kong's City University about the city's uniqueness and future

    First broadcast: 16 Nov 2013

  23. Advantage

    What gives you an advantage in life?

    First broadcast: 09 Nov 2013

  24. The Forum in Beijing

    Do the internet and social media empower the Chinese individual or the state?

    First broadcast: 02 Nov 2013

  25. Job Satisfaction

    What does the notion of job satisfaction mean to you?

    First broadcast: 27 Oct 2013

  26. Fear

    How do humans and animals cope with one of the strongest emotions: fear

    First broadcast: 20 Oct 2013

  27. Whistle-blowers and Rumour-mongers

    Who should we believe is telling the truth and why?

    First broadcast: 13 Oct 2013

  28. Measuring Impact

    Are we too obsessed with metrics and are we measuring the right values?

    First broadcast: 06 Oct 2013

  29. The Air You Breathe

    Could your ‘breath print’ be a marker as unique to you as your finger print?

    First broadcast: 29 Sep 2013

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