Christian creationism 17/10/2009

At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the United States, Bill Jack, a Christian creationist takes schoolchildren on 'Biblically Correct Tours'.

These offer a literal, Biblical interpretation of all that is displayed, from fossils to the disappearance of the dinosaurs. And Bill teaches that answers to all questions about how we got here can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible in the book of Genesis.

Kirk Johnson is a paleontologist at the museum, with evolution at the heart of all he does in his study of prehistoric life through fossils. Kirk decides that the time has come to talk to Bill about their different approaches to understanding the past.

This year has seen celebrations to mark two hundred years since the birth of the scientist Charles Darwin, whose work laid the foundations for the theory of evolution.

In Heart and Soul this week Frank Faulk of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation joins a group of schoolchildren on one of Bill Jack’s Biblically Correct Tours at the museum and is there for the encounter between evolutionist and creationist.

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