BBC Introducing in Suffolk

BBC Introducing in Suffolk

New music from unsigned bands across Suffolk.

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If you enter a Suffolk postcode when you register, your songs go straight into BBC Suffolk Introducing's inbox.

You'll be notified automatically when your tracks are listened to by someone at the BBC or if they're going to be broadcast. If we like what we hear, you might even bag yourself a session or a slot on the BBC Introducing festival stage.

Graeme Mac

Graeme was brought up in Liverpool on a diet of John and Paul, Merseybeat and the Bunnymen - but he now resides in Suffolk and is never ceased to be impressed by the latest additions to the local music scene.

"What I love about my job on BBC Suffolk Introducing is the fact that I get to listen to the county's best new music, created by some of the most innovative artists around, and then build a radio programme about them.

"We're both so grateful to these musicians, because we wouldn't have a show without them. Our aim is to help as many of them as possible, not necessarily to stardom, but to appreciation from a wider audience."

Richard Haugh

Richard was born and grew up in Ipswich.

He loves new music and DJs/co-runs the Uprock night in the town, hosting acts such as Mumford & Sons, Jamie T and Golden Silvers alongside up and coming local bands such as Ed Sheeran, DELS, The Cheek and The Cads.

"I try to set the bar really high for the Introducing show - if I wouldn't consider playing it when DJing, why play it on the radio?

"But so far this hasn't been an issue. Suffolk is still largely ignored by the music press, but what they don't realise is there's a wealth of exciting and eclectic music being made here.

"But I think the county actually benefits from this. There's no 'cool' tag to live up to - just a bunch of people from all different walks of life making music they're passionate about.

"I'm amazed by the quality of the music we get sent on a daily basis - it makes the show a joy to work on."

BBC Introducing in Suffolk

Graeme Mac and Richard Haugh with the best unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music from Suffolk.

We're here to celebrate the wealth of diverse music being created in our county, and to provide the platform it deserves.

Send us your music and we'll do our best to get it on air, and if it's good enough we'll flag it up to our BBC Introducing colleagues at Radio 1, 6Music and 1Xtra.

We also get the chance to nominate Suffolk bands for amazing opportunities such as playing major UK festivals or recording at the legendary Maida Vale Studios.

And then there's Latitude Festival, where we get to handpick three acts to play on Huw Stephens' Lake Stage.

So get in touch.

And have your say via our Facebook page (link on the right).

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Upload your music

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