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George's Song

In this last behind the scenes video from the current series of Shooting Stars, Matt Lucas is preparing to sing another song as big baby George. Matt tells us how he writes a song and the qualities needed for it to make the grade.

He also informs us of several health and safety breaches around the studio - such as the loud noise from the cymbals, how hot if gets in his romper suit and wires that could blind him.

Joining the teams are Noel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh, broadcasting legend Tony Blackburn and presenter Zoe Salmon.

George Dawes sings a brand new version of the now legendary 'Baked Potato' song while Vic an Bob present a very beautiful song about their 'Tiny Eyes'.

Angelos takes part in the hilarious final challenge where he comes face to face with George Dawes in an extraordinary electrical punishment.


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