Elephant and cobra

The lack of undergrowth in the Indian rainforests makes it easy for Indian elephants to get around. Formely much more widespread, today wild elephants are most common in the forests of the Western Ghats. A herd of elephants encounter a king cobra by a rainforest pool. A cobra's bite could kill a baby elephant, but the snake raises its hood then swims away. Both cobras and elephants are revered in India because of their association with deities.

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Role Contributor
Key talentMike BIRKHEAD
ProducerMike BIRKHEAD
Camera OperatorShekar DATTATRI
Camera OperatorGil DOMB
Camera OperatorJustine EVANS
Camera OperatorMike HERD
Camera OperatorChip HOUSEMAN
Camera OperatorAlastair MACEWEN
Camera OperatorDavid SHALE
Camera OperatorJohn WATERS

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