Sexting: a global problem?

Sexting is the name given to sharing sexually explicit pictures or videos over mobile phones, or on the internet.

Gareth discusses the rise of this trend amongst teens with:
- Linda Burney MP, from New South Wales Australia, who's launched a campaign in schools to help children and parents
- Richard Piggin from children's charity Beatbullying, their survey recently revealed 1 in 3 UK teenagers have experienced sexting

Maker Faire Africa

This weekend, an exhibition of African ingenuity and innovation was held in Accra, Ghana. Called Maker Faire, it showcased inventors from all over the continent. Digital Planet reporter Senyo Dey went to visit the Afrobotics workshop.

Gordon Bell's digital life

Are you forgetful? Memory like a sieve?

Well, Gordon Bell has a solution. He's been digitising his entire life, from shopping receipts to phone calls.

Gordon Bell's book 'Total Recall' is published on 17 September by Barnes & Noble.

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