Charlie devotes the whole programme to singers who perform in their own, invented languages. Julien Jacob was born in Benin but has lived most of his life in France and the words he uses have a distinct French lilt. He says that his is an 'unknown language which everybody can understand because words only find their meaning in the emotions they carry.' Rhett Brewer may be an American living in the UK but the words in his songs have a distinctively Mediterranean flavour. You might expect the Czech duo Dva to sound vaguely Slavonic, the way Slovak vocalist Sui Vesan does, but in fact Dva's sonic ambience seems to be a slightly surreal neo-Hungarian one, linguistically worlds apart from anything Slavonic. Experimentation with language isn't restricted to soloists or long-established bands either: Toto Bona Lokua was a one-off studio collaboration by three well-known musicians from two continents and Turkish-Dutch percussionist Sjahin During sought out Armenian vocalist Arto Tuncboyacian for his album Afro Anatolian Tales.

Tracks played in this week's programme:

Country: Benin
Title: Dierel
Artist: Julien Jacob
CD Title: Barham
Label: Volvox
Cat. Number: VOL 0701

Country: UK/USA
Title: Milennia
Artist: Rhett Brewer
CD Title: Hotel de Ville
Label: Ex-Directory
Cat. Number: EX-CD01

Country: Czech Republic
Title: Dua Dua
Artist: DVA
CD Title: Fonok
Label: Indies Scope
Cat. Number: MAM435-2

Country: Congo/Cameroon/ Martinique
Title: Lisanga
Artist: Toto Bona Lokua
CD Title: Music from the Chocolate Lands
Label: Putumayo
Cat. Number: PUT 230-2

Country: Turkey/Armenia
Title: Otro Mundo
Artist: Sjahin During, feat Arto Tuncboyaciyan
CD Title: Afro Anatloian Tales
Label: RMP
Cat. Number: RMP 8057

Country: Slovakia
Title: Harmonia Mundi
Artist: Sui Vesan
CD Title: Renewal
Label: Sui Music
Cat. Number: N174 0002-2-331

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