Mike Parr

Mike Parr

Music, features and interaction. If you're talking about it, we're talking about it.

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Mike Parr

Music, features and interaction. If you're talking about it, we're talking about it.

First record you bought:

"Barbados" by Typically Tropical - 7 inch single bought at Woolies bottom of King Street in Whitehaven.

Previous jobs:

Went to the university of life working in pubs and clubs in West Cumbria. Sometimes as a barman and sometimes as a DJ. I've even worked as a lumberjack. I've worked for BBC and commercial radio in various parts of the country including London, the North East and Northampton!

Best thing about working in radio:

It's a people thing really - I love talking to people.

Most interesting person you have interviewed for radio:

A woman who made it her business to have affairs with over 40 married men.

Best thing about your show:

The unpredictability of the programme - not knowing what's going to happen next, and the way that the listener can steer the programme off onto a new topic.

Person you would most enjoy being stuck in a lift with:

A lift engineer

Favourite meal:

Can't decide between Sunday Roast or Fish & Chips.

Where are you when you get most of your inspiration or creative thoughts:

In bed

Funny sayings you like to use:

I'm off to turn my bike round!

Proudest achievement:

My two boys... although they're turning into young men now.... and a gold medal in ballroom dancing aged 11.

Where you go for quiet moments:

Walking next the estuary at Arnside. It's so peaceful... until the train goes across the viaduct!

Memories of school:

Being worried sick on the bus from Seascale to Egremont that I hadn't done ANY of my homework.

Any habits, annoying or otherwise:

I have this really awful habit of biting my fingernails. I wish I could stop. Any suggestions?