Personal stories behind the news from all over the world. With Matthew Bannister.

On today's programme: Mau Mau claim; Cadillac Man; East End to Eton; Save our Sounds.

Mau Mau Compesation.
Wamugu Wa Nyingi is one of the Kenyans who want compensation and an apology for the British government's actions during the Mau Mau uprising of the 1950s.

"Cadillac Man" - Thomas Wagner.
The impact of the recession in America on New York's homeless community.

East End to Eton.
Razak Farley is the the boy from the East End of London who's won a scholarship to Britain's best known public school - Eton College

Save our Sounds.
More on the World Service project to create an archive of endangered sounds from around the world.

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