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  1. What is the Right Strategy for Tackling ISIS?

    What's the best way to defeat the Islamic State militants?

    First broadcast: 15 Sep 2014

  2. Your questions on the Pistorius verdict

    Legal experts in South Africa answer your questions on the trial of Oscar Pistorius.

    First broadcast: 12 Sep 2014

  3. Oscar Pistorius: the verdict so far

    Live in Pretoria following the first day of the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius case.

    First broadcast: 11 Sep 2014

  4. 10/09/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 10 Sep 2014

  5. What's changed in the Scotland referendum debate?

    Why has there been a surge behind the 'yes' campaign in Scotland?

    First broadcast: 09 Sep 2014

  6. Royal Pregnancy

    The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, we hear pregnant women discuss breaking the news.

    First broadcast: 08 Sep 2014

  7. Should we allow jihadists who have gone abroad to fight back into their country of origin?

    Should people who have taken up arms abroad be allowed back into their country of origin?

    First broadcast: 05 Sep 2014

  8. An athlete's life after retirement

    Retired sports stars discuss what happens when competition ends

    First broadcast: 04 Sep 2014

  9. Steven Sotloff killing: has it changed your view on fighting Islamic State?

    Does a new video showing another death change your view on what should be done about IS?

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2014

  10. What do Russians think of the Ukraine crisis?

    How do Russians see and interpret the events in eastern Ukraine?

    First broadcast: 02 Sep 2014

  11. 01/09/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 01 Sep 2014

  12. Whose responsibility is it to prevent rape?

    On whom does the onus fall to prevent sexual violence happening?

    First broadcast: 29 Aug 2014

  13. Is Russia 'invading' Ukraine?

    What is Russia doing on the Ukrainian border? And does it amount to an invasion?

    First broadcast: 28 Aug 2014

  14. What's it like to be an armed police officer?

    Police officers who carry guns discuss when and why they use their weapons.

    First broadcast: 27 Aug 2014

  15. Gaza Truce.

    We hear your reaction to the ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants.

    First broadcast: 26 Aug 2014

  16. Boko Haram declares Islamic state in Nigeria

    Your reactions as Boko Haram says it has declared a separate state in northern Nigeria.

    First broadcast: 25 Aug 2014

  17. 22/08/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 22 Aug 2014

  18. Young British Muslims discuss Islamic State

    WHYS speaks young British Muslims about militant group Islamic State.

    First broadcast: 21 Aug 2014

  19. Islamic State Beheading Video

    We hear reaction to an online video appearing to show the beheading of a US journalist.

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2014

  20. Live from St Charles, Missouri

    We're in a mainly white area of Missouri to hear how different communities co-exist.

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2014

  21. Live from Ferguson, Missouri

    We hear Ferguson residents as they react to the killing of teenager Michael Brown.

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2014

  22. 15/08/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 15 Aug 2014

  23. What is it like to be a black teenager in America?

    We speak to young, black Americans about their lives.

    First broadcast: 14 Aug 2014

  24. Michael Brown killing: your reaction

    We speak to people in Ferguson, Missouri about the shooting of an unarmed teenager

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2014

  25. Robin Williams: Comedy And Depression

    After the actor's death, we speak to comedians and others who also suffer from depression

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2014

  26. What should be done about the Islamic State?

    Countries consider what action to take next as IS continues to advance in Iraq.

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2014

  27. US begins air strikes against the Islamic State

    Reaction as air strikes begin in Iraq against the Islamic State (IS).

    First broadcast: 08 Aug 2014

  28. Iraq: the Christians fleeing Qaraqosh

    The exodus of Christians leaving the north of Iraq after a surge from Islamist militants.

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2014

  29. 06/08/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2014

  30. 05/08/2014

    The BBC news programme where you set the agenda.

    First broadcast: 05 Aug 2014

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