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  1. The Age We Made - Part 2

    Are humans creating a new geological epoch through climate change and fossil fuels?

    First broadcast: 29 Oct 2012

  2. End of Drug Discovery

    Speeding up the drug development process to treat the major diseases facing us

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2012

  3. End of Drug Discovery

    The long and expensive struggle to get medicines to market

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2012

  4. Antibiotic Resistance Crisis - Part II

    The world needs new antibiotics: drug companies don’t want to make them. What to do?

    First broadcast: 25 Aug 2014

    Image for Antibiotic Resistance Crisis - Part II
  5. Antibiotic Resistance Crisis - Part One

    Why our antibiotics are failing. Is this the end of modern medicine?

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2014

  6. Cosmology

    Have astronomers really found gravitational waves from the Big Bang?

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2014

  7. Rosetta Mission Arriving At Comet

    Orbiting and landing on a comet. The most daring science space mission ever?

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2014

  8. Professor Sir Michael Rutter

    Child psychiatrist Sir Michael Rutter influenced understanding of autism and behaviour

    First broadcast: 28 Jul 2014

  9. What has Happened to El Nino?

    What is making this year’s predicted El Nino so hard to forecast?

    First broadcast: 21 Jul 2014

  10. Swarming Robots

    Adam Hart on how insect and cell structure research is helping develop swarming robots

    First broadcast: 14 Jul 2014

  11. Anaesthesia

    How do general anaesthetics work in the body?

    First broadcast: 07 Jul 2014

  12. Janet Hemingway

    Janet Hemingway on malaria and the coming of insecticide resistance with Jim al-Khalili

    First broadcast: 30 Jun 2014

  13. Ageing and the Brain

    Do our mental powers really decline in old age?

    First broadcast: 23 Jun 2014

  14. Driverless Cars

    The engineers inventing vehicles that drive themselves

    First broadcast: 16 Jun 2014

  15. Driverless Cars

    The future cars with sensors that can send messages to other cars, trucks and pedestrians

    First broadcast: 09 Jun 2014

  16. Taming the Sun

    ITER, the world's effort to harness nuclear fusion, and the most complex experiment ever

    First broadcast: 02 Jun 2014

  17. Beauty and the Brain

    Dr Tiffany Jenkins explores what neuroscience knows about art

    First broadcast: 26 May 2014

  18. Alf Adams

    Alf Adams remembers his small idea that changed the world, with Jim Al-Khalili.

    First broadcast: 19 May 2014

  19. Mark Miodownik

    Mark Miodownik talks nuclear weapons, 3D printers and smart materials with Jim Al-Khalili.

    First broadcast: 12 May 2014

  20. Sue Black

    Forensic scientist Sue Black on the clues she uses to identify human bodies

    First broadcast: 05 May 2014

  21. Whatever Happened to Biofuels - Part Two

    Gaia Vince asks if we can ever run our vehicles on biofuels from algae or bacteria.

    First broadcast: 28 Apr 2014

  22. Whatever Happened to Biofuels?

    Can we make biofuels from the sugars in the inedible parts of plants?

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2014

  23. Peter Higgs

    Peter Higgs opens up to Jim Al-Khalili about the Higgs boson.

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2014

  24. Vikram Patel

    Jim al-Khalili discusses global mental health with psychiatrist Professor Vikram Patel

    First broadcast: 07 Apr 2014

  25. Inside the Shark's Mind

    Can science stop sharks attacking humans?

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2014

  26. The Biology of Freedom

    Is free will unique to humans or a biological trait that evolved over time?

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2014

  27. Fructose: the Bittersweet Sugar

    Is fructose a 'toxic additive' or a healthy fruit sugar?

    First broadcast: 17 Mar 2014

  28. Hack my Hearing

    Can hacking hearing aids create a new super sense for people with hearing loss?

    First broadcast: 10 Mar 2014

  29. Show me the Way to Go Home

    How animals navigate, from homing instincts to smell maps and astronomy

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2014

  30. Saving the Oceans - Part Four

    Aboriginal knowledge and modern science helps to preserve Australia’s marine ecology

    First broadcast: 24 Feb 2014

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