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  1. 22/10/2014

    Health issues and medical breakthroughs from around the world.

    First broadcast: 22 Oct 2014

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  2. Eating Bushmeat

    The risks associated with eating bushmeat in Africa

    First broadcast: 15 Oct 2014

  3. Health Messages by Radio in Burkina Faso

    Delivering health messages by radio in Burkina Faso is helping to reduce child mortality

    First broadcast: 08 Oct 2014

  4. Ebola Vaccine Being Tested on Humans

    An Ebola vaccine has been developed by the Jenner Institute in Oxford

    First broadcast: 17 Sep 2014

  5. Airline Pilots and Skin Cancer

    Why are airline pilots at increased risk of skin cancer?

    First broadcast: 10 Sep 2014

  6. E-cigarette Debate

    Are E-cigarettes helping people stop smoking or encouraging them to start?

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2014

  7. Cancer in Pregnancy

    A woman’s experience of a diagnosis of colon cancer nearly half way into her pregnancy

    First broadcast: 27 Aug 2014

  8. Ebola's Impact

    How the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is affecting health services throughout the region

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2014

  9. Ebola – Who’s to Blame?

    Could more have been done in response to West Africa’s Ebola outbreak?

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2014

  10. Breast Milk, Ebola and Rehydration

    Why breast milk may offer protection against HIV transmission.

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2014

  11. Would you Want to Find out About an Inherited Genetic Condition?

    The impossibly difficult decisions after discovering a family history of genetic disorder

    First broadcast: 30 Jul 2014

  12. Anxiety

    The historical and cultural development of anxiety as a condition and its treatment

    First broadcast: 23 Jul 2014

  13. The Truth About Life and Death

    Claudia Hammond examines the important issues at the beginning and the end of our lives

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  14. Recording Doctor-patient Consultations

    Some patients are starting to record their medical consultations but many doctors oppose

    First broadcast: 18 Jun 2014

  15. Using Favourite Sporting Memories Therapeutically

    How remembering sporting events are an important way to trigger memories

    First broadcast: 11 Jun 2014

  16. Higher Mortality for Weekend Hospital Admissions

    A study of 55 million people shows more risk of death for patients admitted at weekends

    First broadcast: 04 Jun 2014

  17. The physiological challenges facing World Cup football players

    How will teams be affected by the heat and humidity in Brazil?

    First broadcast: 28 May 2014

  18. Taking Notes by Hand for Better Long-term Comprehension

    The advantages of longhand note-taking over using laptops in lectures

    First broadcast: 21 May 2014

  19. The Effect of Noise on Hearing

    How exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss

    First broadcast: 14 May 2014

  20. Talking About the ‘Battle’ Against Cancer

    Are ‘fight’ metaphors useful for those in the last days of life?

    First broadcast: 07 May 2014

  21. Using Frozen Faecal Matter to Treat Gut Infection

    How transplanting faeces from one person to another can cure C. difficile Infection

    First broadcast: 30 Apr 2014

  22. Anxiety

    Where does anxiety come from and what can be done about it?

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2014

  23. Vitamin D - a panacea?

    What is the evidence for the benefits of vitamin D supplementation?

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2014

  24. Professor Sir Anthony Epstein

    The man who discovered the Epstein-Barr virus fifty years ago

    First broadcast: 02 Apr 2014

  25. Lower Back Pain

    Why it causes more disability globally than any other condition

    First broadcast: 26 Mar 2014

  26. Fighting for Freedom

    The health hazards of public protest faced by both protesters and police forces

    First broadcast: 19 Mar 2014

  27. Chikungunya Disease

    Why the spread of the mosquito-borne virus to the Caribbean islands is causing concern

    First broadcast: 05 Mar 2014

  28. UAE Breastfeeding Law

    UAE proposed Child Rights Law could make breastfeeding mandatory

    First broadcast: 26 Feb 2014

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