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  1. 04/09/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 04 Sep 2014

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  2. 03/09/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 03 Sep 2014

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  3. 02/09/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 02 Sep 2014

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  4. 01/09/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 01 Sep 2014

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  5. 31/08/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 31 Aug 2014

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  6. Pregnant Woman Who Swam to Hospital

    Yellavva Balappa braved a monsoon swollen river in southwest India to reach hospital

    First broadcast: 28 Aug 2014

  7. My Father's Helicopter Was Shot Down

    Azeri journalist Sevinj Osmanqizi has been investigating her father's death

    First broadcast: 27 Aug 2014

  8. Helping Paralysed People in Bangladesh

    Valerie Taylor has created the biggest spinal injuries hospital in Bangladesh

    First broadcast: 26 Aug 2014

  9. "The Innocent Man"

    Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison wrongly accused of murdering his wife

    First broadcast: 25 Aug 2014

  10. Mending Minds, Statues and Trombones

    Afghanistan's mind doctor, the artist who became a statue and Trombone Shorty

    First broadcast: 24 Aug 2014

  11. Undercover In Saudi Arabia

    Saudi reporter Safa Al Ahmad on how being a woman helped her film protesters undetected

    First broadcast: 21 Aug 2014

  12. My Body Made Me Famous

    Artist Alison Lapper was born with no arms. A naked statue of her made her famous.

    First broadcast: 20 Aug 2014

  13. I Was Psychiatrist To The Taliban

    Afghan psychiatrist Mohammad Alemi shares memories of his experiences under the Taliban.

    First broadcast: 19 Aug 2014

  14. I Was Jailed For Losing My Unborn Baby

    Christina lost her baby at seven months and was jailed for aggravated homicide

    First broadcast: 18 Aug 2014

  15. Love From Hate

    The South African ex-policeman cared for by a woman he would once have seen as the enemy

    First broadcast: 17 Aug 2014

  16. Nepal 'Orphan': My Two Families

    The Nepalese girl who was adopted even though she was not an orphan

    First broadcast: 14 Aug 2014

  17. An Unlikely Friendship Across Apartheid

    The ex-South African policeman taken in by a woman he would once have seen as the enemy

    First broadcast: 13 Aug 2014

  18. Gulalai Ismail: Speaking Out at a Cost

    The Pakistani campaigner for equality and peace whose life is under threat as a result

    First broadcast: 12 Aug 2014

  19. Fighting For Gay Rights in India

    Ashok Row Kavi is one of India's most prominent gay rights activists

    First broadcast: 11 Aug 2014

  20. Ebola, Violinist, Typhoon Doctor

    Surviving Ebola in Guinea; violinist Nicola Benedetti; Doctor burying the typhoon dead

    First broadcast: 10 Aug 2014

  21. Ex-Child Soldier Adopted By Film Stars

    The former child soldier from Rwanda adopted by Emma Thompson

    First broadcast: 07 Aug 2014

  22. I Survived the Ebola Virus

    Saa Sabas from Guinea who survived the Ebola virus

    First broadcast: 06 Aug 2014

  23. Ex-Nun who ran Sierra Leone Elections

    Dr Christiana Thorpe has just stepped down as head of the National Electoral Commission.

    First broadcast: 05 Aug 2014

  24. Naming the Gaza Dead

    Michal Rotem, the Israeli woman who translates the names of the Gaza dead into Hebrew.

    First broadcast: 04 Aug 2014

  25. Baby Smugglers, Land Art, Family Split

    Child trafficking in Honduras; ploughing portraits on fields; my Jewish-Palestinian family

    First broadcast: 03 Aug 2014

  26. I Survived Three Lightning Strikes

    Eric Brocklebank has had three close encounters with lightning

    First broadcast: 31 Jul 2014

  27. Hunting Honduras' Child Smugglers

    The Honduran police unit tackling child trafficking across the border

    First broadcast: 30 Jul 2014

  28. My Father was a Serial Killer

    What is it like to grow up as the child of a serial killer?

    First broadcast: 29 Jul 2014

  29. I Found my GI Father on Facebook

    The 'Amerasian' woman and her US soldier dad who have been reunited online

    First broadcast: 28 Jul 2014

  30. My New Face, Lambada and Poisonous Frogs

    My new face; dancing lambada around the world; and a passion for poisonous frogs

    First broadcast: 27 Jul 2014

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