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  1. 24/04/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 24 Apr 2014

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  2. 23/04/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 23 Apr 2014

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  3. 22/04/2014

    True life stories

    First broadcast: 22 Apr 2014

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  4. My Australian Camel Journey

    Trekking 1700 miles across the Australian outback with four camels and a dog for company

    First broadcast: 21 Apr 2014

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  5. Survival, Solitude and Singing

    The American mudslide survivor; the babies named with a tune; sheep farmer living alone

    First broadcast: 20 Apr 2014

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  6. I Was Buried by a Mudslide

    Robin Youngblood from Oso, Washington State remembers the day a wall of mud engulfed her.

    First broadcast: 17 Apr 2014

  7. A Voice for the 'Untouchables'

    Indian writer Meena Kandasamy on shedding light on a 1968 massacre of 'untouchables'

    First broadcast: 16 Apr 2014

  8. I Witnessed the Hillsborough Tragedy

    Novelist Danny Rhodes watched as 96 people were crushed to death in a football stadium

    First broadcast: 15 Apr 2014

  9. Trafficked into Prostitution at 14

    Sunita Danuwar was just a teenager when she was forced into India's sex industry

    First broadcast: 14 Apr 2014

  10. Music, Magic and Antarctic Babies

    Singing Samoans, sole survivor guilt, nature reserves, snow babies and Quidditch

    First broadcast: 13 Apr 2014

  11. How Do I Tell My Child?

    The women who had children after being raped during the Rwandan genocide

    First broadcast: 10 Apr 2014

  12. I Fell From the Sky

    British paraglider Guy Anderson survived a near-fatal crash in a remote area of Idaho, US

    First broadcast: 09 Apr 2014

  13. The Child Star Who Grew Up

    Charlotte Church became a famous singer at the age of 11 after performing in a TV show

    First broadcast: 08 Apr 2014

  14. Being a Sole Survivor of a Plane Crash

    American George Lamson Jr felt guilty he was the only survivor of a plane crash in 1985

    First broadcast: 07 Apr 2014

  15. Forgiveness, Freedom and Botany

    Rwandan forgave parents' killer and freedom stories from captured botanist to 60s hippies

    First broadcast: 06 Apr 2014

  16. Rwanda: Forgiving My Parents' Killer

    Rwandan musician Jean Paul Samputu forgave his close friend for killing his parents.

    First broadcast: 03 Apr 2014

  17. French Sheep Farmer Fighting Wolves

    The French sheep farmer who is in a battle for survival - with wolves

    First broadcast: 02 Apr 2014

  18. My Journey to Freedom

    Personal journeys to freedom from around the world

    First broadcast: 01 Apr 2014

  19. San Francisco: City of Freedom?

    San Franciscans share their stories of freedom, but is the city's spirit under threat?

    First broadcast: 31 Mar 2014

  20. Silver Surfers, Sand-art and Word-taste

    Beach art, silver surfers, fighting polio, tasting words and from soldier to actor

    First broadcast: 30 Mar 2014

  21. Sochi Medallist: Skiing Blind

    Visually impaired skier Kelly Gallagher and her guide Charlotte Evans won gold at Sochi

    First broadcast: 27 Mar 2014

  22. Risking My Life To Stamp Out Polio

    The Pakistani health worker who vaccinates children against polio, despite the dangers

    First broadcast: 26 Mar 2014

  23. My Struggle to be an Afghan Judge

    Najla Ayubi fought to become a judge, but was forced to give up her career by the Taliban

    First broadcast: 25 Mar 2014

  24. Sri Lanka: War Through Women's Eyes

    The lives of Sri Lanka's women, documented through their stories of war, tsunami and loss

    First broadcast: 24 Mar 2014

  25. Parents and Children, and Vinyl

    Fathering 98 Children, the "Foundling Baby", and saving Africa's vinyl

    First broadcast: 23 Mar 2014

  26. Shunned Because of My Face

    Hadisa Hussein has been supported by her father Sardar through surgery and ostracism

    First broadcast: 20 Mar 2014

  27. Foundling Baby: Finding My Mother

    The man who grew up in a Foundling Hospital for illegitimate and abandoned children

    First broadcast: 19 Mar 2014

  28. I've Fathered 98 Children

    The Dutch sperm donor who has sex with women to help them conceive

    First broadcast: 18 Mar 2014

  29. Long-lost Siblings get Rwanda Online

    Rwandan siblings Chance Tubane and Patience Nduwawe on their thriving Internet business

    First broadcast: 17 Mar 2014

  30. Peace, Love, Friendship - and Elvish

    Ex-paramilitary preaching peace, Japan's paid friends, and the first gay First Lady.

    First broadcast: 16 Mar 2014

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