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  1. Sweden and Myanmar

    Hunting for wolves in the Scandinavian forest and taxis on the empty streets of Naypyidaw

    First broadcast: 03 Jan 2014

  2. Sinai's Strategic Stresses

    A special essay: Yolande Knell weighs up the prospects for the Sinai peninsula in 2014

    First broadcast: 02 Jan 2014

  3. Africa's Flourishing Farms

    Susie Emmett finds a bumper crop of ingenuity and innovation on the slopes of Mount Kenya

    First broadcast: 01 Jan 2014

  4. Latin America: Leaders and legitimacy

    Will Grant considers the political challenges ahead for leaders across the continent

    First broadcast: 31 Dec 2013

  5. Europe's Roma Migrations

    Nick Thorpe meets Roma families on the margins of Spanish society after leaving Romania

    First broadcast: 30 Dec 2013

  6. Weekend Edition: Best of 2013

    A special edition of some of FOOC's most memorable impressions, anecdotes and arguments

    First broadcast: 28 Dec 2013

  7. India's Hunger

    Why does malnutrition persist in India when there's no lack of food?

    First broadcast: 27 Dec 2013

  8. Reporting Africa

    Gabriel Gatehouse considers who should be telling the continent's stories - and how

    First broadcast: 26 Dec 2013

  9. Christmas in Paris

    The sights, smells, tastes - and joys - of the French capital at Christmas

    First broadcast: 25 Dec 2013

  10. Germany and Greenland

    New tunnels add to the Christmas cheer in Leipzig; and being stuck for days in Greenland

    First broadcast: 24 Dec 2013

  11. Somalia and Greece

    The lost spectacles that made it back from a Somalian battlefield, and hope for Greece

    First broadcast: 23 Dec 2013

  12. Weekend Edition: Life on the Land

    Stories of farmers and herders from Peru, the USA, Moldova, India, Mauritania and Austria

    First broadcast: 21 Dec 2013

  13. Syria and Brazil

    A Syrian man whose life illustrates the conflict; and slavery-type labour in Brazil.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2013

  14. North America

    Coping with doormen in New York and the Canadian policeman who smokes medical marijuana.

    First broadcast: 19 Dec 2013

  15. United States and France

    Nipple tattoos for cancer patients in the US, and the real reason French women stay slim

    First broadcast: 18 Dec 2013

  16. Thailand and India

    The real reasons behind Thailand's protests, and breaking the sex abuse silence in India

    First broadcast: 17 Dec 2013

  17. China, North Korea, Burma

    Life in the border city of Dandong on the China-North Korea border

    First broadcast: 16 Dec 2013

  18. Heroes from all walks of life

    In tribute to Nelson Mandela, we hear about all kinds of heroes from around the world.

    First broadcast: 14 Dec 2013

  19. Tanzania and Ecuador

    A poacher turned gamekeeper in the Serengeti, a former prison-radio DJ in Quito

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2013

  20. Syria and Burma

    The real beliefs of the foreigners fighting Assad; Burmese daze on a train to Mandalay

    First broadcast: 12 Dec 2013

  21. Syria, Jordan and Brazil

    The gallows humour of wounded Syrians in Amman; trouble over dams and mines in the Amazon

    First broadcast: 11 Dec 2013

  22. In Holy Footsteps

    Sacred places and how to reach them, from Jerusalem to eastern Turkey

    First broadcast: 10 Dec 2013

  23. China

    Using South China Sea islands for peace, not war, and young Westerners working in China.

    First broadcast: 09 Dec 2013

  24. Memories of Mandela

    Hear from the BBC correspondents who witnessed how Nelson Mandela changed South Africa

    First broadcast: 08 Dec 2013

  25. Nelson Mandela dies

    Live coverage of events in South Africa and reaction from around the world

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2013

  26. Chicago and Sweden

    Venturing into the sometimes dangerous South Side of Chicago and being Jewish in Sweden

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2013

  27. Mauritania and France

    Why Saharan drought refugees fall for armed Islamists, and the new racism in France

    First broadcast: 04 Dec 2013

  28. Ukraine and Latvia

    Ukraine's Russia v EU dilemma and the wider impact of Latvia's supermarket collapse.

    First broadcast: 03 Dec 2013

  29. Peru and the USA

    Why coca still grows in Amazonian fields; how a storm ravaged South Dakota's livestock

    First broadcast: 02 Dec 2013

  30. On the move

    Correspondents report on journeys of all kinds, from migration to tourism.

    First broadcast: 30 Nov 2013

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