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  1. The Price of Pleasure: in Burkina Faso and Germany

    Hope for victims of FGM in Burkina Faso; legal prostitution in Germany.

    First broadcast: 17 Mar 2014

  2. Weekend Edition: War Wounds

    The roots and the scars of violence in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Niger and Somalia

    First broadcast: 15 Mar 2014

  3. Ukraine and South Korea

    Rising tensions in Crimea; reconfiguring the South Korean economy

    First broadcast: 14 Mar 2014

  4. Inside your shell: in St. Helena and Italy

    St Helena's prestigious tortoise; trying a codpiece on for size in Florence

    First broadcast: 13 Mar 2014

  5. Iraq and Afghanistan

    Rising sectarian tension in Iraq; what can history teach us about invading Afghanistan?

    First broadcast: 12 Mar 2014

  6. Bearing Witness on the Middle East

    Journalists on trial in Cairo; the war graves shedding light on today's Middle East

    First broadcast: 11 Mar 2014

  7. Rekindling Afghan Education, and Fighting Australia's Bushfires

    The inspirational Kabul headmaster won't back down; could Aboriginal methods fight fires?

    First broadcast: 10 Mar 2014

  8. Making their mark: the individuals behind the headlines

    Stories of the people making their mark on the world around them

    First broadcast: 08 Mar 2014

  9. Nicknames in Somalia

    Baldy, One Leg or Big Bottom, what Somali nickname would you choose?

    First broadcast: 07 Mar 2014

  10. USA and Central Asia

    Horse-drawn buggies in Amish country and an epic train journey from Volgograd to Ashgabat

    First broadcast: 06 Mar 2014

  11. Egypt and Venezuela: Revolutionary Roads

    Protest, power and populism on the streets of Cairo and Caracas

    First broadcast: 05 Mar 2014

  12. Lebanon and the UK

    A migrant, Beirut video shop owner and a London pub landlady are proud of their business

    First broadcast: 04 Mar 2014

  13. Catalonia and Somalia

    Catalan opinions on independence; a visit to a Somali psychiatric hospital

    First broadcast: 03 Mar 2014

  14. Weekend Edition 1 March 2014: Home Comforts

    Stories of domestic dramas and the stuff of everyday life from around the world

    First broadcast: 01 Mar 2014

  15. Ukraine and Mexico

    What Ukraine's Russians fear from Maidan; Mexico captures its most wanted drug lord

    First broadcast: 28 Feb 2014

  16. Italy and Canada

    Interviewing a convicted murderer; A student's journey from Kandahar to Canada.

    First broadcast: 27 Feb 2014

  17. Syria and Ethiopia

    Two sides of the Syrian prison system; the urban hyenas of Addis Ababa.

    First broadcast: 26 Feb 2014

  18. Iraq and Kazakhstan

    The other Saddam Husseins of Iraq; Image consciousness in Kazakhstan

    First broadcast: 26 Feb 2014

  19. Challenging preconceptions of the Middle East, in Lebanon and Gaza

    Hezbollah's heartland in Beirut; journalists in Gaza with more to discuss than politics

    First broadcast: 24 Feb 2014

  20. Africa

    Reports from the Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Djibouti and Madagascar

    First broadcast: 22 Feb 2014

  21. Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe at 90

    Looking back on 34 years in power as Robert Mugabe turns 90.

    First broadcast: 21 Feb 2014

  22. Central African Republic and Japan

    Sectarian tensions rising in Bangui; Sino-Japanese attitudes to past conflict

    First broadcast: 20 Feb 2014

  23. England and Malaysia

    UK floods threaten homes, and attitudes towards bodily functions in Malaysia

    First broadcast: 19 Feb 2014

  24. From Bosnia to Bollywood

    Protesters in Sarajevo; on the set of a Bollywood blockbuster

    First broadcast: 18 Feb 2014

  25. US and Zanzibar

    Looking for signs of recovery in Maryland; Zanzibar's answer to soviet-era social housing

    First broadcast: 17 Feb 2014

  26. How Violence Shapes Society

    From Sri Lanka, to Northern Ireland and war-torn Syria how has violence shaped societies?

    First broadcast: 15 Feb 2014

  27. Economy: Spain and the US

    The familial safety net in recession-hit Barcelona; and is anything still made in the US?

    First broadcast: 14 Feb 2014

  28. USA and Kenya

    School shooting drills in New York; a penitent poacher in Kenya

    First broadcast: 13 Feb 2014

  29. Sri Lanka and China

    Death of Sri Lanka journalist Mel Gunasekera; how different is Confucianism from Judaism?

    First broadcast: 12 Feb 2014

  30. Northern Ireland

    How much has really changed in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement?

    First broadcast: 11 Feb 2014

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